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Vaughn Daily

All Vince, all the time

All Vince, all the time.
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Welcome to the LiveJournal home of Vince Vaughn yumminess!  This is a daily community, which means that our members try to get at least one image a day posted.  Enjoy watching, and once you've joined, please share!

Like every civilized society, we need rules to keep it fun for everyone.  Before joining and sharing your pics with the rest of us, please read and understand our rules, as any posts disregarding them will be deleted without warning.

  • NO HOTLINKING. First of all, it's just not good nettiquite. Second, a lot of sites have hotlink protection activated, and your image will show up either as a little red "x" or a "no hotlinking" graphic, and no one wants to see either of those. In addition, please don't hotlink to any of the images posted in this community. Rightclicksave is always a good move. For free image hosting, try Photobucket

  • ALL POSTS MUST INCLUDE A PICTURE. That one's pretty self explanatory. Fan art is fine, but please, include a normal pic as well.

  • LJ CUTS. All pics wider than 400 pixels MUST be placed behind an lj-cut tag.

  • RESPECT EACH OTHER. Please don't flame anyone. Treat other members as you'd want to be treated yourself.

Vaughn Daily is maintained by kissee.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this community, please feel free to contact me!

nardasarmy is the fabulous co-mod

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